Sep 242013

10 Ways to Run Faster & Longer 

Practice, practice, practice:

William_Sichel_Portable_Oxygen_UseRunning technique is essential, your heel should be first to touch the ground not the ball of your foot. Ensure your upper body is tall but not overly tense with your mid-foot landing under the hip. Arms should always move in a forward and back direction, if your arms move forward your knees will to.

Don’t run before you can walk:

You get out of running what you put in, but you must be measured in your approach. Too much too soon can at worst cause injuries, but also increased fatigue leads to a longer recovery period which will make it more difficult to get into a routine of running.

Vary your run:

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit. Slowly increase the length of a run until you can do more than 100 minutes relatively comfortably. Once you have that down build in another run once a week focusing entirely on speed.

It’s all in the stats:

Use a running app. The endorphin rush you get from knowing you ran a little faster or a little further than last week can be a great motivation, particularly if you train on your own.

There’s more to running than just running:

A powerful set of legs and lungs are required for a good runner. However having the correct posture when you run makes it easier to run faster and longer, this requires strong core stability. Focus one session a week on your core, press-ups, planking, sit-ups and crunches are essential.


If you’re short on time, interval training is the way to go. Try jogging down a street, and when you get to lamp post sprint to the next one. Do this for 5 minutes rest and repeat. If you’re not tired then you’re not sprinting hard enough.

Substance over style:

Make sure you pick the right shoes, not just a fancy looking pair. It’s worth trying on a few pairs of shoes before you decide what to buy, and always go half a size bigger than your normal shoe size, feet swell when they get hot.

Running in the rain:

The average runner’s feet will contact the ground 2,000 times over the course of a mile, dissipating over 100 tonnes of force. Your body will catch up to you eventually so think about those ankles and knees and stick to soft terrain when you can.

Run to the hills:

Well you can’t have it easy and run on flat ground the whole time can you? Make sure you build in regular hill sprints to your routine, they will increase speed on flats and improve muscle strength at a faster rate.

Give yourself a booost:

booost1Hyperoxia (using a higher percentage of oxygen) on average improves exercise performance by 18.7%, the only problem being that even in the countryside our atmosphere contains only 20% oxygen which is not enough for hyperoxia to occur, which is why we have portable 99% oxygen tanksPerformance oxygen should be taken on when the individual hits ‘the wall’ when that little voice creeps up in the back of your mind telling you that you’ve done enough for one day, that’s when you use booost, and it’s a point that only a few of us will get to.


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